Companion Planting – Zinnias

Peppermint Stick

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Green Envy

I love the zinnias.  They add such a wonderful splash of color throughout the garden.  I look forward to seeing the next variety open, all the pretty colors, white, pink, yellow, orange, and even green.  They are tall enough to stand out, and colorful enough to really stand out.

Yesterday I learned another reason I love zinnias, the Japanese Beetles love them.  I have had problems with Japanese Beettles eating my bean plants.  One year they completely destroyed one variety of pole bean.  I think they prefer one variety, because the rest were only lightly damaged, but that one kind was completely destroyed.  I still got some beans, but it wasn’t good to see the skeleton bean plants.

As I was walking through the garden, I noticed some Japanese Beetles on the zinnias that are planted in the bean patch.  They are eating the leaves, but I really would prefer to sacrifice some zinnias to my bean harvest.  It looks like the beetles prefer the zinnias to the bean plants.  And the zinnias are nice and tall, about 2-3 feet, and are much easier to shake beetles off of than the bean plants.  This morning and evening I’m going to head out with a jar of soap water, and I’ll shake the beetles into it.  We’ll see how many beetles I can ‘harvest.’

2 Responses to “Companion Planting – Zinnias”

  1. Beth

    I love zinnias too! SO easy to grow and full of colorful surprises. I have the peppermint stripe too, aren’t they lovely? Oh–and they hold long and well for cuttings/arrangements too.

  2. Scott

    I love them too. Our oldest daughter (6 years old) loves to decorate the table at dinner time. She had just been collecting whatever wildflowers were blooming at the time, but now she’s cutting zinnias. She’s having fun, and she’s doing a great job. :)